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With an increase awareness in our communities on health and wellness, we realize how important it is to achieve balance with our busy everyday lives.

We are proud to announce our expansion in the beauty industry as we value how important hair care needs are, we are also cognizant that Massage Therapy is a vital piece to achieving holistic

balance.  Here at Plushh Salon we pride ourselves in helping our clients achieve their hair goals, so to incorporate therapeutic healing would be just a splendid additive to ones health and wellness.  Looking good and feeling good is essential to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Adding Massage to your beauty care routine can help reduce stress and anxiety. So allow our well trained team to help you have a Plushh Experience


Take advantage of our introductory prices for Massages 

A 50 Minute Body Massage Session is a massage therapy sessions that works targeted areas of the body. Our massages can include areas such as your arms, legs, hands and ...
50 min
Massage Table
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