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Welcome to our Plushh Tresses page where you can purchase our Luxury Tresses thats full of high sheen and luster.  While shopping for great quality 100% human virgin hair, keep in mind there are many companies that sell synthetic mixed virgin hair, which is commonly used in their marketing, but not advertised "mix virgin".  Plushh Tresses launched in 2013 with a purpose of supplying salon clients a superior product then previously available.  Since inception our goals have remained consistent and prioritizing the Quality of our products. What differs our product line from other hair companies are our focus on QUALITY vs. QUANTITY, while ensuring "Cost Effectiveness" we never wavered on Quality. With our expertise in dealing with Virgin hair for almost a decade, our team of experts have found the highest Quality Hair in the market. Our Bundles are crafted with care and precision to ensure little to no shedding. Outsourced from one human donor, each bundle is crafted to meet Plushh's expectations.  We offer HIGH QUALITY VIRGIN HAIR and a relaunch of our RAW LAOS VIRGIN HAIR.  We have a variety of different wave patterns and lengths, varying from 12' to 30' inches.  We, also offer high quality Plushh WIGS, with different types of wave patterns and lengths. Our products are cost effective and lasts for years with proper care maintenance.

Plushh Tresses

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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